Web Development by Nikki Aaron

About The Developer

Creating accessible avenues for impactful expression, building positive and inclusive communities, promoting entrepreneurship, and helping others achieve financial independence are all important to me. Recently, I transitioned from mechanical engineer to junior web developer in order to more productively work toward these goals in the Richmond, Virginia area.

My past work has been in a wide variety of areas: cell-phone and skin care sales; small-scale product manufacturing for a NASA contractor; project management, resource scheduling, and data-driven process monitoring for a power company; assembly process optimization and product engineering for a Tier 1 automotive interior supplier; and structural analysis of bridges for overweight vehicles at VDOT.

In all of these experiences, I saw immense value in battling systemic productivity killers— difficulty in or lack of automation, mis-aligned or unclear goals, information inaccessibility, disorganized communication, and slow adoption of new technology.

Now, I hope to use web technology to battle these vexations. With great websites and applications, you can get your business or organization running smoothly with less work and free up time to give back to the communities you are passionate about.